"but I loved your feet

only because they walked

upon the earth and upon

the wind and upon the waters,

until they found me." 

Pablo Neruda


Milk and Honey Birth provides traditional care blended with evidence based practice that is individualized to meet your needs. Providing homebirth midwifery services that serve you holistically, honoring your whole being. Birth is not just about the baby being born, it's about you becoming a whole, new self. 


I am comfortable to be with you where you are at now and to remain available to you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As your midwife I will provide assistance in navigating your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, working with you to gather more information and resources as needed. Supporting you in your choices, willingly sharing my knowledge, experience, and heart so that your birth can be the foundation for an incredible bond for you and your baby. This is just the beginning of a journey that you were made for, it would be my absolute pleasure to assist you on your journey. 





newborn baby
Holding Tummy
Six days ago I had the privilege of catching my best friends fourth baby